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My name is Daniele Sica, and I am dedicated to helping you create a long-lasting legacy for your family by obtaining financial freedom! I work as a Real Estate Representative and Intervention Specialist with JV Investment Solutions. I hold numerous academic accomplishments including certifications in Project Management from U of T and House Development Investing, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management. As I entered the workforce, I began developing a solid foundation with an extensive list of professional skills. Learning as much as I could about every aspect of developments and marketing, it was my goal to one day help other people. Making this objective a main focus in life, I was able to helping people to invest complete hands free generate better return than conventional investments. Fortunate to traveled the world, working and living in different countries, I substantial elevate my connections with many communities.

Transparency and integrity helped me to build a respectful and trusty reputation in any work I have done, and able to served in roles involving projects developments in management, health therapist and real estate. This opened the door for me to work with those who worked at multinational corporations, CEOs and even directors of ABC News, NHL players, Mamma Mia cabaret and ballet dancers, Turin Olympic athletes, and so many others. Best of all, alongside a forever growing wealth of knowledge, I met and fell in love with my wife, and, today, we have a beautiful daughter. Now living comfortably, continuing to put in 100 percent and wanting to share my knowledge with you, I have decided to shift gears, focusing my skills, energy and time on the subject of building wealth for others.

What I do- passion to share 

Like me, you are probably willing to do whatever it takes to provide for your family. Sometimes, however, when you're working for other people, it can be hard if not impossible to give your family the life they deserve. This is just one of the many reasons I got involved in joint ventures, critically after switched from my twenty years working in the health business. Instead of working for someone else, you work alongside your partners, building a project that can benefit your family for generations to come. Though it sounds exciting, I understand the reluctance when it comes to starting a new venture and protecting your loved ones, especially now. Starting my first investment in Riviera Maya Tulum, I have gained the expertise of the Mexico real estate. Today, I share this long legacy with you alongside the real estate agent in Canada providing a specific market analysis, rapid appreciation in one of the most desirable city to live in Mexico. Top vacation property and excellent investment, Tulum project a growth into the next few decades.

Taking this to heart, I guarantee that I will not only help you through each step to financial freedom, or in a vacation rental investment overseas, or invest in a pre construction condo downtown Toronto but most importantly, empower and equip you with the skills needed to keep that freedom going for lifetimes. With my years of experience in real estate land development and joint ventures, you can rest easy knowing that you are in capable hands that are dedicated to your success. You have the opportunity to grow locally in Canadian real estate and overseas as well. It is my mission to ensure that you and I succeed, search for the best opportunity overcoming each and every challenge or concern we may face.


Are you looking to invest in Canadian real estate? Vacation property? Not sure how to begin? Let us help you unravel some of the important terminologies in Canadian real estate to establish a successful partnership.


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Goals of JV Partnership

Real estate expansion collaborators embark on joint ventures for the following purposes:

1. Complements
Operating collaborators bring business techniques and put time and effort into supervising the endeavor, while limited collaborators contribute the capital needed to finance the operation.

2. Encouragements
Organizing partners are always given disproportionate returns so that they are encouraged to work harder.

3. Structures
The investors possess restricted accountability and liquidation priority in case the alliance’s possessions are liquidated.

4. Investment Programs
A JV pact also allows firms to join in investment programs that they generally would not be eligible to join. It mainly enables a business (home firm) to capitalize on projects in different nations by joining JV with a regional collaborator. Here, the home business may either prevail as the capital provider or the managing collaborator.

Many nations put constraints on foreigners joining the domestic property market. In those cases, arranging a JV pact with a domestic firm is frequently the only path in those nations.

Why Choose Us

We choose customers that share our qualities. Serving an organization’s investment property and management needs is a huge responsibility that we pay attention to. It takes collaboration, a strong sense of obligation, great correspondence, greatness, and industry best practices to serve an organization in a magnificent way.

  • We do All the Work.
    Renovation, Investment, Research, Bookkeeping, Corporate Structure, Property Management, Market Analysis, Writing Offers, Tenant Screening, and much, much more.
  • We analyze and find the best opportunity out there.
    The execution of our proven real estate system will develop the best ongoing market data. The result will create a passive income to establish your financial freedom.
  • You are on title (your investment is secure).
    A declaration of trust will protect your investment towards the purchase of the property. Your co-ownership will have the rights of both parties and equitable distribution of the property.
  • You receive quarterly property performance reports.
    You will receive a property performance statement that includes income, expense, liabilities and net cash flow.

Joint Venture

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